About us

Aladdin R.D. is the leading Russian developer and supplier of authentication devices, products and solutions for information security and confidential data protection.

The company was founded in 1995 and for 23 years has become a recognized expert and leader in the field of strong two- and three-factor user authentication devices for corporate resources, Web-portals and cloud services.

Solutions and innovative technologies of Aladdin R.D. occupy the dominant position on the Russian market.

Main streams:

  • Java Card USB tokens and smart cards with Russian cryptography onboard, biometry and payment applications;
  • USB tokens and smart cards-based solutions for PKI, database and personal information protection, encryption solutions for disks and removable devices;
  • electronic signature for Web-portals, electronic services, mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

For 23 years since the foundation, almost each product of the company released to the market has deserved a special attention and become the leader of the segment. Aladdin R.D. products and solutions became a standard in many enterprise and governmental structures.

In 2012, the company has passed the certification of production quality management in compliance to the state standard specification ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). In 2013 "Aladdin R.D." has successfully passed the certification of production quality management in compliance to the new state standard specification ISO 9001-2011, came to replacement to the state standard specification ISO standard 9001-2008 and in 1014 the company has proved the result. The results of the inspection confirmed that the quality control system established in "Aladdin R.D." provides the transparency of all business processes and creates conditions for stable and effective activity of the company during the release process of qualitative production.

Aladdin R.D. products were repeatedly awarded with ranks "A product of the year", "The best innovative product", "The best product in the field of information security", "Break of the year". The company has awards from the Security Council Office of the Russian Federation and the State Duma Committee on Security.

Unique Expertise

For 23 years of work on the information security market Aladdin R.D. acquired unique knowledge and experience in area of information security, technologies of reliable authentication and safe administration of information systems.

Aladdin R.D. solutions for information enciphering are technological leaders in the Russian market of information security. That fact resulted in their wide usage in projects for the introduction of personal information protection systems in the Russian governmental and commercial structures.

Licenses and Certificates

Aladdin R.D. possesses all the necessary licenses of the State Technological Commission (FSTEC), Federal Government Communication and Information Agency (FAPSI) and Federal Security Service (FSB) for Protection Means and Protected Systems development, production and service (including State Secret level). As well as all necessary FSB and the Ministry of Economics permissions and licenses for import and export of the encryption tools.

Associations and alliances

Aladdin R.D. enjoys membership and participates in:

  • Information Security Systems Producers and Suppliers Association (AZI);
  • Computer and Information Technologies Enterprises Association (AP KIT);
  • Documentary Electronic Communication Association (ADE);
  • Software Suppliers Non-Profit Partnership (NP PPP);
  • FIDO Alliance;
  • "Russian Shield" Copyright Protection Association and others.

Training and Consulting

During several years, the company's experts have developed and taught authorized courses on Confidential Information Protection, Network Security, Authentication Technologies, Software and database Protection.

Our partners and customers are entitled to undergo necessary training courses in the Authorized Training Centers.

Contact information

Aladdin R.D.
129226, 16 Dokukina str., Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 223-0001
Fax: +7 495 646-0882
aladdin@aladdin.ru, www.aladdin-rd.ru